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Topo USA 8.0

America's Most Up-to-Date, Feature-Rich Topographic Software
  • NEW! Updated highway, street, back road, and trail detail
  • NEW! Highways and streets for Canada, major roads for Mexico
  • NEW! Paperless geocaching with DeLorme Earthmate PN-Series GPS receivers
  • NEW! Voice navigation for PCs, UMPCs, touchscreen phones, and PDAs
  • The most current available USGS terrain and land cover data
  • Automatic road and trail routing
  • Over 4 million places of interest
  • Realistic 3-D terrain views, with flyovers and 360-degree rotation

Import Aerial Imagery, Nautical Charts, USGS Topo Maps
Integrate Your Data Downloads with Topo USA 8.0 on Your PC for Unrivaled Planning, Routing, and Navigating Unlike online imagery, DeLorme Data Downloads can be used in tandem with Topo USA 8.0 maps. Use the splitscreen editing capability to locate and identify structures, landmarks, navigation markers, and other features with pinpoint GPS accuracy. Full-screen viewing is also available for 3-D and downloaded imagery, maps, and charts.

DeLorme Map Library Subscriptions
A $29.95 annual subscription entitles users to download all the aerial imagery, NOAA nautical charts and USGS topo maps they want.

Discover Advanced GPS Capabilities
with Topo USA® 8.0 As the innovation trendsetter in topographic mapping and GPS technologies, DeLorme Topo USA 8.0 continues to lead the way with advanced capabilities that enhance the GPS user experience.

A Powerful Partnership
Topo USA 8.0 delivers high-end GPS data creation and exchange capabilities and lets you do more with data you collect in the field.
  • Insert positionally-accurate waypoints and tracks into the maps you upload to your PN-Series receiver
  • Automatically create routes on roads or trails for upload to your receiver
  • Convert collected tracks to routable roads or trails*
  • Easily manage your collected GPS data

Experience Paperless Geocaching with your Earthmate PN-Series GPS
Topo USA 8.0 allows you to easily import, export, manage, and update your geocache files
  • Import pocket queries from
  • See cache descriptions in full, with other cachers? log notes
  • Caches display with true icons
  • Click and drag cursor to multi-select caches from Topo USA and send them directly to your GPS
  • Cache names on maps are hyperlinked to their pages

Geo-Tag Your Digital Photos
Preserve a record of exactly where you took your digital photos ? all you need is a GPS track.
  • A handy wizard makes the process easy
  • Enlargeable thumbnails appear on the maps
  • Works with any digital time-stamped photos

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